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(located in the friendly town of Covina near Barranca)

Laminate Flooring
(with different types & styles to choose from)

Laminate Flooring is typically available in 7mill, 8mill, 10mill, & 12mill thickness.  All laminates provide similar levels of dent resistance.  And AC Rating is from 1 - 5. The higher the AC Rating, the higher the durability.  For more infoormation please don't hesitate to inquire.  We are more than happy to assist you.  

The images below are just some of the variety of laminate flooring available......

Assisting with the process in choosing the right laminate flooring, and helping you choose ideal matches that compliment your style.

It's our goal to make your experience easy and stress free, with floors that are easy to maintain, and that come in a wide range of colors and designs....."Here to Help"

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